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Från Västervik till mönsterås

Småland Greater Archipelago

The Swedish province of Småland is famed for its deep forests and panoramic landscapes. It also has an island and coastal domain that is lesser-known but equally splendid. At its eastern border, in the bracken waters of the Baltic Sea, lies the glittering Småland archipelago. Between the coastal communities of Loftahammar and Västervik in the northern waters, and the old seaport settlements of Oskarshamn and Mönsterås at the southern marine boundaries, stretches a magnificent seascape of islands and skerries: some barren, some verdant; some inhabited, others not. Skärgårdsporten Småland is a coalition of regional businesses and organizations providing web-based information about archipelago living and tourist destinations. Here you can learn about special events and activities and members can post details about island businesses and activities.

Welcome to the Skärgårdsporten Småland!

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